No Data Caps! One Monthly Fee!

Download and upload files with no data caps or extra charges.

No additional taxes, service charges or fees. The monthly rate you choose is the monthly rate you pay.


Residential VDSL

LR Communications offers high speed Internet using an VDSL modem through your phone line with download speeds of up to 50 Mbps* for one low monthly price. VDSL service allows your telephone line to be free for incoming and outgoing calls. ** Bundle pricing below when combined with Leaf River Telphone Company telephone service.

PlanBandwidth SpeedBundle **Internet Only
Premier up to 25 Mbps Down * $59.99 monthly $59.99 monthly
Ultra Up to 50 Mbps Down * $74.99 monthly $79.99 monthly

LR Communications has routers available to rent for for $9 monthly. If you choose the router plan from us, it will be programmed by our technician. If you purchase a router elsewhere, you are required to configure the settings.

There is a $100 connection fee due at sign up and a 1 year agreement must be signed.

If you discontinue the service before the agreement time is up you will be penalized 2 months of charges.

If you are a current Internet customer with Leaf River Telephone Company and would like to upgrade to this service, your account must be up to date.

Certain restrictions and other equipment may be necessary for this service.


Rental or Leased Property

LR Communications requires property owner's permission if you are installing service or making modifications to leased property.

Please click to download the Installation Approval form. Complete the instructions on the form and send to LR Communciations.


Open Internet Statement

The Federal Communications Commission issued rules to preserve the Internet as an open platform. The original rules went into effect on November 20, 2011. The Open Internet Rules have since been revised, and the revisions were adopted on February 26, 2015. The new rules went into effect on June 12, 2015 and can be found at the FCC Open Internet webpage.

 All Internet service providers are required to post information regarding various issues so that consumers, both residential and business, can make informed choices about choosing an Internet service provider. This document contains information regarding our services in compliance with the FCC’s rules. The policies contained herein serve as a supplement to the existing terms of service. 

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* Actual speeds may vary depending on distance and line quality. Limited availability for the VDSL Ultra Plan.